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Receive Tech Support: Open Service Request Within A Discussion FAQ


    1. What is the difference between creating a SR from within the Cisco Support Community vs. Cisco Support?

      By opening a SR from a Cisco Support Community discussion, you ensure that a TAC engineer will have easy access to the corresponding discussion which will accelerate the resolution of the issue.
    2. When can I open a Service Request from within a discussion?

      Provided you are logged in to the Cisco Support Community and have a support contract with Cisco, you will be able to open a SR from within a discussion that you have created. Click on the "Open Service Request" link located within the "Actions" widget on the right sight of the screen. A separate window will be launched from your browser opening the Service Request UI. Please refer to the Cisco Support page here to help answer any questions you may have on using the TAC Service Request Tool to open a SR.
    3. Why can't I submit a service request on my non-English local community site?

      For the initial phase, this feature is only being offered to the English community.
    4. Are there any future enhancements planned for this new capability?

      Yes, there are plans to add capabilities and features in future phases and will be based primarily on customer feedback received about the initial phase.
    5. Will a resolution to my service request appear in my original discussion thread?

      A resolution may be posted to the discussion provided a resolution was found and the service request was closed. You will also receive case resolution notifications via email.
    6. Am I the only one that can open a service request?

      Yes, only the original author of a discussion thread may open a service request. That user must be a non-guest user and must also be logged in to Cisco Support Community.
    7. Can I attach files to my service request?

      Yes, please refer to
    8. How may I provide feedback on this new capability?

      Please feel free to provide feedback regarding this new capability.Send your comments to:
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    Hall of Fame Super Blue

    This is a really great idea, it will help both TAC and if the resolution is then posted back into the discussion users of CSC as well. Couple of things would be nice -

    1) If the resolution is posted by TAC is there a way it could be automatically marked as answered even if the original author does not do so

    2) Is there any way we can tell if the poster has the ability to open TAC requests. Appreciate this may not be possible due to confidentiality but it would be helpful for responders to know.


    Cisco Employee

    Thanks for your comments, Jon.

    1. Yes, this will happen.  The TAC engineer closing the SR will receive points for their pushed-back resolution summary.

    2. This will not be possible for non-Cisco employees to see this information.  Cisco employees will be able to easily see this in a subsequent feature roll-out.


    Very nice

    Hall of Fame Super Gold

    Dance with me, uh-huh, uh-huh, I LIKE IT!  uh-huh, uh-huh,

    New Member

    Great feature!  We've had some nice discussions on here that ultimately require TAC cases.  This will be a nice integration.

    New Member


    This will be fantastic, and will help in speedy resolution and help the CSC members to know about the same.


    New Member


    This will be fantastic, but what about the cost because you are indirectly using TAC services.


    VIP Super Bronze

    This is an excellent idea! Wonderful! I think it will be the best thing since the introduction of the Iphone

    New Member

    awwwww cool

    New Member

    Thats an awesome feature ! Great Idea !!!

    Sounds good. It will result in lower resolution times saving time for both Cisco and the client.

    New Member

    guys that's of course great news. But what about metrics for cisco partners? This will impact our metrics as opening traditional TAC case?

    New Member

    Knowledge is power, and Cisco is sharing it... Can't complaint.

    New Member

    This is great !!!!!!!