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Use your Avatar to boost your recognition!

Avatar-65x65.jpgDon't Remain a "Nobody"... Upload an Avatar Today!
And become an integral and personal part of the Cisco Support Community.

With the increase in social networking sites, avatars (those little images you upload from your computer to visually identify online  profiles) play an important role in recognition of the brand that is you!

As you all know avatars, or as some would say “buddy icons”, or “profile images” are very popular no matter where you go on the net and yet many people do not use them, or worse do not put any thought into their “public” appearance.

Let’s discuss a few reasons why having an avatar or profile image is important:

  • When joining any community, having your own avatar is a way of introducing yourself to others as well as a way for people to recognize YOU when you join in discussions.
  • Having your own profile picture or avatar, will make any comment you make on a discussion, videos, documents, blogs.. stand out. People relate better when putting a face to a name and people will respond more easily to what you have to say.

  • Maybe the most important reason to have your own avatar is to help you build awareness, brand recognition/reputation and do what we all want and need to do - build relationships.

Regardless of what image you decide to use, I’m inclined to say that the more memorable and unique you can make your avatar the better. Make it Fun! It's all about YOU. Keep in mind that avatars are very small, so use contrast effectively and a high quality image. If you use an image of yourself, you can still be creative and do a lot (if you know how) with editing and color manipulation. There are many online tools you can find that work very well and are easy to use to help you be creative with any image you choose to use.

Please Note to choose your avatar carefully, any offensive, explicit imagery or  misuse of logos or Cisco Certification Badges will be removed.



How do I add a profile picture? What Images can I use?

Click on your username at the top right hand corner of your CSC screen. This will take you to your profile page.

On  the right side of the screen, locate "Change Photo & Avatar".


You will first need to upload a "Profile Photo" if you want to have a custom avatar.

Click "Add Photo" under Profile Photos #1


Browse for your Image and Upload...


Crop your Photo as needed...


NEXT > Select to update your Avatar, and Press "Yes" to update your avatar.


Next > Crop your avatar for a Best Fit!


You can delete the image on the Profile Image Section and still preserve your avatar.

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