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3D Models

Is there a reason that Cisco does not offer 3D models in at least step format for download and use in CAD programs like Pro/Engineer, Inventor, or Solidworks?

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Re: 3D Models

Hi Wray,

In answer to your question about why doesn’t Cisco provide downloadable CAD-compatible 3D models, the best answer I can get is that they are “proprietary.” We recommend that you contact your Cisco sales team, who may be able to work with your company on this.

Also, you may want to check models available for purchase from KAON Interactive

We will definitely pass your request up the customer-feedback chain so that it may be considered for the future, perhaps when proprietary issues can be sorted out, and if we find out anything more we will let you know.


PS As you probably know we do provide downloadable Visio stencils for 2D network diagrams ( These are to scale and useful if you are doing 2D diagrams for site planning, disaster recovery, etc.

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Re: 3D Models

First let me say thanks for your response.  I understand that it is possible for models to have "proprietary" information in them but what i am asking for is no more than what is available if I actually had the unit sitting on my desk (Warranty intact).  What I am looking for is no more than the outer surfaces of the unit with connector locations and outer fasteners. This would enable me as a Mechanical Engineer place your equipment into my model during my design instead of having to wait until the unit shows up.  In the 80's I would have to wait on on the unit to show up so that i could design around cooling vents, locate/run cables, or do studys for user interface with the unit.

I do not need, nor do I want, any of the internal data with the exception of the cards that would normally be accessed during normal operation.  i understand the need to protect your data.  However the information that I am asking for is not truly proprietary.  Some of the data you give me thru your interface data in your manuals.  I am just looking for that same information in 3D so that I can use it in my design.

I check out both of the vendors that you mentioned but niether of them offer what i am looking for.  Their data is more concerned with the representation of the subject not the actual dimensional information.  It is the same as getting XML data from a vendor who builds circuit boards for you.

I trully hope that Cisco chooses to offer 3D model data to their customers.

Thank you for your time.

Wray Scott

L-3 Communications, I.S.


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