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CCO profile creation - I need to know

Dear Cisco Community,


How can I have a CISCO Connection Online profile?

I have with me a CISCO Catalyst 2960 that we purchased but it is having problems giving output. None of its LEDs came on (no indicator LEDs came on at the front panel) but the fan inside is rolling whenever it is powered.

I was told I need a CCO profile to connect to online support for troubleshooting but I have never done that before. Kindly assist me on how to do it.



Muyiwa Oyerinde

Cisco Employee

Dear Muyiwa, The username

Dear Muyiwa,


The username ‘muyiwao01’ is your CCO profile name; you have already begun the process of connecting to the online support community!  This thread is part of a forum that can be accessed by the general public to connect with other users as well as with Cisco representatives.  The level of service provided in the support community is voluntary, but if your business needed more direct support then it might be worth considering partnering with Cisco Services.  More details about partnering with Cisco can be found here.

Also, check here to see if the Cisco product that your company purchased has a warranty that entitles you to support services (more warranty info).


You can still get help here, though.  For further help on this particular issue, more information would be needed to develop a troubleshooting plan.


Kind Regards,


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