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Determine hardware based on serial number.

I recently changed jobs and moved to a two-tier VAR. One of the problems we've been having is determining the exact part number of our customer's managed devices for our own purposes and also for quoting smartnet. It has been brought to my attention that Cisco has a master reverse-lookup database that allows them to tell you the hardware type based on the serial number. This would be a very useful tool to have. It would be particularly useful as a reseller since it is often hard to tell if a product was part of a bundle, upgraded, etc and we often need to know that for quoting support.


Does anyone know if there is a customer-facing interface to this database? It would be great if I could hit it with an API but would settle for just being able to type in a serial number and getting the hardware name.


Seems like this would be a

Seems like this would be a Cisco only facing tool. There is a product called total care that can analyze these serial numbers from devices on the network and send to Cisco to get smartnet status. This product is called Total Care.

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