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Feature Interaction Matrix

I am suggesting that we need a Feature INTERACTION Matrix. That is, something which shows which features Do NOT work with other features. Most docs list the features available with some IOS release or sometimes with reference to certain hardware cards. What is not listed is the restriction which comes about when turning on features. e.g. If I use Port Security on a Cat65, which features can I not then enable? If I enable security to the phones in UC7, which features then do I lose?

This info is Usually somewhere in the Restrictions section of the Feature Guide. But tends to be lost when the feature is no longer "new".

In summary, my wishlist item for tech doc is to have some kind of a tool / table / matrix which will allow me to pick some features which I want to configure and for it to tell me if they are supposed to all work together. Additionally, what other features do I lose if I turn these On.

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Re: Feature Interaction Matrix

Dear Benjamin,

Thanks for your idea about Cisco providing more complete and accessible information on feature interoperability incompatibilities. You've raised a really important point and something which is not addressed by our current documentation or tools. (You are probably familiar with Feature Navigator and Software Advisor, but we realize those don't offer what you're proposing.)

From our initial research, the bottom line seems to be that -- beyond the restriction information in Feature Guides -- mapping all the possible permutations and combinations of feature (non)interoperability would be impossible to do in documentation, ie, in a static matrix. As you say, what would be necessary would be an interactive tool that unfortunately has yet to be invented.

However, we are still doing some digging and will keep you posted if this might ever be feasible. We do think it's a good idea, and will keep it in the pipeline.

A question: Would a single doc that pulls together all the feature restriction information in one place be useful? We can't produce it overnight, but we can pass the idea along for possible future development.

Thanks again and don't let the disappointing answer on this stop you from posting other good suggestions!


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