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Grouping of technologies in Master Reference Guides


I find the Command Reference Guides at very valuable (especially for study).

However I would propose that instead of having the commands all sorted alphabetically that they be grouped by what they relate to.

For example, every command relating to HSRP (standby commands) be grouped together under a section. The reason for this is because unless you are very experienced (and probably don't need to refer to the reference guides), you have no way of really "knowing" all the options for a specific technology.

I often check the technology areas but when comparing the commands available I often see ones included in the Master References that aren't listed under the specific technology areas (or at least in one complete document) - maybe they are split apart over multiple docs.

New Member

Re: Grouping of technologies in Master Reference Guides

Hi Cameron,

Thank you for your suggestion about the organization of IOS commands. We have investigated similar solutions in the past and are interested in learning more details about your suggestion. While our current publishing system does not allow us to readily create the types of groupings you suggest, we would definitely like to explore alternatives for future implementations. Can you please give further examples of how you would like to group and find commands according to various criteria to meet your needs? For example, at what granularity would you like to be able to retrieve groups of commands?

Thanks for your feedback.

Teresa Oliver-Merrill

New Member

Re: Grouping of technologies in Master Reference Guides

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for the interest in my suggestion :)

Example of what I like:

IE there are titles or sections that are like "Configuring VLANs", "Configuring STP" etc. Although I don't think "all" commands/options are given in this document.

Example of what I think is too confusing:

IE it is all alphabetical by command with no sections or I suppose "Technology based organisation". It appears "every" option is given in this document which I like.

What I am after is a document that combines the level of detail of the second document, but with the organisation of the first. That way you can go through and see everything that is available on a technology by technology basis.

I hope this clarifies what I am requesting?

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