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Is it legal to write and sell a book about one of Cisco's certificates?


I'm an IT Trainer. I want to help my students to pass Cisco exams. Is it legal to write a book to help them to understand a Cisco certificate (CCNA for example)?
Is it legal to write a book about some parts of the certificate? for example the CCNA commands.

I wont be quoting anything from the official certificate guide.

I'm sorry if I'm posting my question in the wrong section. I'm not sure where I should post it.

Thank you.

VIP Purple

No one can answer this

No one can answer this question for you here.  You need to speak to a copyright lawyer about your intents.  You don't even mention which country's laws you are worried about.

In essence, copyright has the concept of "fair use" when it comes to reproduction.

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Thank you for your reply and

Thank you for your reply and the link.
I live in Egypt but I'm planning to sell my books on stores like Amazon and iBook. I tried to find a copyright lawyer but it seems these laws aren't a big deal where I live so there are no professional lawyers for these matters or at least as far as I searched.

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