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Cisco CCO License registration

Hi Team, I was just looking for the cco web-site registering cucm dlu's, recently

The site is not available. Is sb aware

of a problem or a move of the page ?



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Re: Cisco CCO License registration

It happens all the time with cisco, tools reliability is not their strong point.

Try opening a case with customer support.

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Re: Cisco CCO License registration


the new web site is:

Unfortunately, there are not really good references to this new site, especially in the IPT stuff, but you will find it looking for "ASA" % "PAK".

best regards,


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Re: Cisco CCO License registration

One wonders how difficult would be to setup a redirecting page at the old address, and if at cisco, the right hand knows what the left does.

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Re: Cisco CCO License registration

Hi Alfred/Paolo,

I have to agree that broken links on this site are a real problem. This creates so many additional problems for people that are completely unnecessary. One week you find a great doc or tech note, you bookmark it knowing how long it took to find in the first place. Then a few days later you go back to look at it again and poof!! "the page you have requested is no longer available" comes up, makes you want to cry or worse ;-)

I do think that Cisco could do a much better job of keeping things up to date. When you link from a doc on and it is broken this is really unprofessional. If we all ran our businesses like this we wouldn't be in business for long.

I do acknowledge that this site includes a vast amount of references but the number of broken links and unusable urls is really really sad! (enough venting!!)

Here is one that works :)

Use the following procedure to obtain licenses for Cisco Unified Communications Manager when you are upgrading from supported 4.x releases.



Step 1 After you complete the Cisco Unified Communications Manager upgrade process, navigate to Cisco Unified CallManager Administration and choose System > Licensing > License File Upload.

The License File Upload window displays.

Step 2 Choose the license XML file from the Existing Files drop-down list, and click View File. The window refreshes and displays the information for the selected license. Copy all of the information in this file except the HTML tags. To copy the contents on this window, choose the appropriate text and choose Ctrl-C (Copy).

Step 3 Navigate to the License Registration web tool at

Step 4 Enter the MAC address of the Ethernet 0 NIC of the first node of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster.

Step 5 In the text box that is provided, paste the license file contents that you copied in Step 2 by using the appropriate keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl-V.

Step 6 Enter a valid e-mail address and click Continue. A license file generates.

The system sends the license file to you via e-mail using the e-mail address that you provided.

Step 7 You must upload the license file to the server with the matching MAC address that you provided in Step 4. See the "Uploading a License File" section.

Step 8 You can obtain licenses for new devices that you are adding to the upgraded system, if your system requires additional device license units.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Cisco CCO License registration

There is never enough venting :)

Give a look to the certifications forum. I reported about strange emails about a legit cisco site that is made to really look like a phishing one. Kevin's theory is that it is a test to see how alert students are :)

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