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AD account getting locked out after password change (JABBER)

I have a client that was treating the Jabber zone as authenticated to prevent Jabber version 4.2 from locking accounts after one incorrect login attempt.

Everyone is now running 4.5 or higher.  We changed the zone to check credentials and still ended up locking many accounts.  It turns out that if a client was logged on prior to changing the authentication rule that Jabber was persistent in trying to authenticate with the incorrect credentials.  My Smartphone for example prompts me to enter a new password when it gets denied access.  Jabber however does not do this.

Company rules require password change every 2 months.  It's a certainty that someone will forget to log off Jabber when changing the password and cause the same problem again.

I did not see anything in the release notes for version 4.6 or 4.7 that address this.  To help alleviate the issue a bit we plan on pushing new settings to not remember the credentials after logging off. However, that does not address the root issue.  Besides informing everyone to log off Jabber is there a work around for this?


AD account getting locked out after password change (JABBER)


i remember the old jabber had the issue of locking the account, however new versions resolved that. 

in my view since the user has changed the password next time it make sense that when they login they should change the password and login.



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Hi, We are facing this as



We are facing this as well.


When user changes his network credentials and does not update them in Jabber. Jabber will still try to connect to phone services and voicemail with the old credentials which is leading to their account getting locked in AD.

We are using Jabber 9.6.1, so a fairly new version.


Can some suggest if there is a workaround?



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It’s been a while since I

It’s been a while since I addressed this issue. 
We created a custom installation BAT file and pushed it to everyone using Jabber.

usewindowsusername=1 - this has prevented accounts from being locked out as Jabber automatically checks for the windows password every time it needs to re-authenticate.  I’m not sure if that would work for 9.6.1.



pushd %0\..\


@echo off

echo ==Installing Jabber 4.7==

 MSIexec /i "\\share\Video Conferencing\Jabber\4.7\jabbervideo.msi" /passive forcedExternalVCS="" forcedInternalVCS="" forcedDomain="" usewindowsusername=1 /l c:\temp\Cisco_Movi.log


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Hi Rudy, This did not work

Hi Rudy,


This did not work for us.

I tried testing this on some test users but still the Jabber did not check for AD credentials and accounts get locked out.



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