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Auto attendant with Telepresence Server

Hi community,

I'm trying to figure out different scenarios in order to implement an auto attendant to use with Telepresence Server (registerd on VCS Control).

My basic architecture is based on:

1) VCS Expressway

2) VCS Control

3) Telepresence Server

4) Conductor

but in addition I could use CUCM, CCX and Cube ISR.

I would like to use the fallback alias feature on VCS Expressway as external access to an auto attendant IVR that permit external user, who can't dial URI but just IP addresses, to dial virtual room number using DTMF.

External User --> VCS Expressway --> VCS Control --> AA IVR --> VCS Control --> Telepresence Server virtual room

I know that auto attendant is not a Telepresence Server feature; so I tried to configure an audio IVR using:

1) a TCL script on a Cube ISR

2) a aef script on CCX

but in both cases I'm not able to setup a video call from external user to final destination.

Anyone is facing the same problem of auto attendant on telepresence server?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.




Auto attendant with Telepresence Server

Hi Stefano!

I am not aware that there is a out of the box Cisco solution for that.

If you have some voice only IVR you would downgrade the call to audio only.

Using a dedicated Cisco MCU for such meetings might be a workaround.

Or find a used IPGW or some third party product.

Besides that contact your Cisco Partner / contact to talk about roadmap stuff

and/or file a feature request.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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