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Automatic MCU Failover (TMS)

I am trying to use "automatic MCU failover" in TMS "conference setting" to realize two MCUs failover. I have already imported these two MCUs into TMS and set the "automatic MCU failover" parameter to "If the conference start or MCU polling fails". The failover function sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Does anyone know the mechanism of the MCU failover feature of TMS?

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Automatic MCU Failover (TMS)

Automatic MCU Failover was first introduced in 12.6. It is only supported for non-cascaded, scheduled MCU conferences. If a scheduled conference that includes an MCU fails on startup or during a conference, then TMS will re-route the conference (picking another MCU, if possible) and change the conference master to the new MCU. Note the "picking another MCU, if possible", meaning if that other MCU is busy or has other scheduled conferences planned, then it won't be available obviously. And when and if failover does occur, then an email will be sent to the conference owner and the failover attempt is logged in the conference event log.

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Automatic MCU Failover (TMS)

What are the pre-requisites for MCU failover to work? Do both MCU's need to have the same SIP URI address ranges?

eg ->

rgds, Geert.

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