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C series codec does not switch to second camera


I'm connected a second camera and microphone to a codec, and configured second video input.

Also I set up microphone inputs with correct camera ID's expecting codec to switch on a second camera voice activated by second mic.

But this does not work, second camera input can be selected only manually.

Is it possible at all? Thanks.

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Cisco Employee

Re: C series codec does not switch to second camera

As far as I know this is not supported on the codec. Is there anything in the documentation about this I have missed?

/ Magnus

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New Member

Re: C series codec does not switch to second camera

I digged into doc, and also find nothing.

Then what this config is suitable to? I mean VideoAssociation option. What should it do?


Re: C series codec does not switch to second camera


This is not supported yet. Video Association is meant for a different purpose, if you check the administrative guide, you should find this :

Audio Input HDMI [2] VideoAssociation MuteOnInactiveVideo

Enable association of a video source to an HDMI audio input.

Requires user role: ADMIN

Value space:

On: A video source is associated, and the audio will be muted if the associated video source is

not displayed.

Off: No video source is associated.

Example: Audio Input HDMI 2 VideoAssociation MuteOnInactiveVideo: Off

Hence, this just means that if you do not have associated a video source to an audio, the audio would be automatically muted if the video is not displayed.

Hope this answers your question.


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar
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