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C Series Upgrade Path

What is the recommended upgrade path to get a C series codec from TC3 to TC7?

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There wouldn't be any issues

There wouldn't be any issues upgrading from TC3 to 7.  Just make sure you read all the release notes of all the versions between where you're at and want to go to so you'll know if there might be any issues or changes to expect.  One thing comes to mind is in TC6 and it's minor releases, they changed how layouts, selfview, and dual displays behave and are configured.

If the codec has a valid service contract, you'll just need to get a release key for the software version you want to install.  I typically add the release key to the codec, then upload the software and start the upgrade.  Entering the release key will prompt to restart the codec, however if you wait, the software upgrade will restart it anyway, just saves a little bit of time not waiting on an extra restart.

Note, from TC6.1 onward, release keys are no longer needed for software upgrades, just a valid service contract attached to your Cisco login to download the software.

If you don't have an active service contract, you should be able to get an upgrade through the TAC as per the "Customers Without Service Contracts" section in following security advisory - cisco-sa-20140605-openssl.

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