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c20 reboot problem

Hi Everyone,

We have a one video product c20 and last few days we are facing an issue of rebooting

Whenever someone plug or unplug the LAN cable from the LAN port ,it starts rebooting itself and gets hang frequently.

Will factory reset  helps in solving this issue .

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c20 reboot problem


  Please use the below steps for factory reset. This will surely resolved the issue.

Turn the C20 off by pressing the physical reset button. Now hold the physical reset button for 15 seconds, the LED will start blinking red. Release the button and push it twice within the next 5 seconds (the led will turn green on each push). The LED will start blinking green and the factory reset will begin. The C20 will come up again with factory defaults.




c20 reboot problem

Hi Rashmi,

Before you do a factory reset on the codec as suggested by Amlesh, please check the following :

DNS Servers and IP config :

Please check if you have 3 or more DNS servers configured in the codec and the IP assignment is set to static. If yes, then make sure that the DNS servers are reachable. If a codec running TC software is configured with three or more DNS servers and is set to use static IP, it will not boot up if all three DNS servers are unreachable.


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar
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c20 reboot problem

Hi Rashmi,

DNS issue is fix in TC 5.1.1 , Please upgrade unit to TC 5.1.2 which is released now and available on cisco website .

By default you will see software s52001tcnc5_1_2.pkg do not download his one, Go to all release --> 5 --> download "


kind regards,


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c20 reboot problem


whenever the unit reboots it makes a tar file which is a bindle of files containing information about the codec. If you are able to access the codec via GUI, could you check Diagnostics -> Log -> Historical where historical logfiles are stored and download the most recent ones or, depending on the version, you can also have a historical log file bundle you can download with all the files. Open a case with TAC and let the engineer analyse these crashes.

It can be the DNS issue, but without these files, one cannot tell for sure. Might be some other issue.

Upgrading to TC5.1.2 is perhaps the easiest step. If the unit would still upgrade after this, use the procedure above and open TAC case with bundled file attached.

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Re: c20 reboot problem


I had the Same problem, try to install or refresh the main software again, then your problem going away

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