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C20 TC5.1.5 WebSnapshot Not showing Camera

I have a C20 with TC5.1.5 that doesn't show the websnapshot through the web interface nor do I have camera control. I call into the device and can see the far site fine. Camera appears to be working correctly.

I've checked the firware version of the camera which is correct and shows functional.

HardwareID: "52000000"

Model: "PrecisionHD 1080P 4X"

SoftwareID: "S01752-2.0FINAL [ID:20012] 2012-08-29

Websnapshot is turned on at the Codec.

I use the webinterface to preset the camera and adjust as needed while in a meeting. After reading through support documents I don't feel I need to use the CameraResue command since the above information matches the information in the support documents.

Short of visiting the far site to uncheck and recheck Allow Websnapshots I'm fishing for ideas!


(BTW..I read where the one post regarding standbye mode and the webinterface not showing the camera image but that is later TC releases.)


Edited: Just noticed that my system shows no valid License Key. I'm obtaining that now to see if this corrects the problem. Keep your fingers crossed!


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In regards to the web

In regards to the web snapshots, is web snapshots enabled on the codec?  This has to be done directly from the codec using the remote, it's not possible to enable it remotely for security.

Can you take a screenshot of the web UI so we can get a better understanding of what's going on?

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Thank you for your input

Thank you for your input Patrick..

As mentioned above I did have the Allow Websnapshots enabled on the Codec. One of my options was to go back to the Codec and disable..then reenable it but...the culprit was "No valid license key" We've renewed our service contract and thought it would automatically add the key. I learned differently. Once I obtained the key for this release it works as designed.


Again..thank you for your input.

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Sorry I missed the comment

Sorry I missed the comment about the snapshots being enabled in the first post.

I've never experienced an issue like what you had, though we keep all of our codecs up to date and with release keys.  Glad you got it sorted out.

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Hi Kim,Is the web snapshot

Hi Kim,

Is the web snapshot not showing at all, at any time (ie, in standby, when the codec is awake, when the codec is in a call), or is it only under certain circumstances (like the TC7.1.x issue you've mentioned above)?

In any case, I'd strongly recommend that you upgrade your device to a newer software release due to the security issues with TC5.1.5 (SIP Denial of Service, Heartbleed, etc).

Please upgrade to at least TC6.3.1 or to TC7.1.1 (if you don't need websnapshot while in standby).

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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