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C40 and dual display


My customer wants to buy a C40 with two screens, a big one and a small one. He wants to be able to swap video and presentation from one screen to the other,  easily. For that i understand you need Dual Display option in the C40, but even with that licence I don't know:

- if you can swap contents (video and presentation) between screens with the layout button in the remote (so that it is user friendly). If so, with which TC configuration in the C40?

- would it help / would it be different if we add touch panel instead of remote in the C40?

Thanks a lot for your answer. I always provide two screens, same size, so swapping contents has never been an issue for me...

Best regards


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Re: C40 and dual display

Ho Yolanda,

One way of achieving the video/presentation swapping on the C's with dual display would be to have two layouts defined using the TC Console software.  You can then switch between these two layouts which could then swap the content between the two displays (or in to different sized widows, or however you configure each layout - they're quite flexible).

Swapping between the defined layouts is as easy as pressing the self-view/layout button on the remote control and selecting the other layout from the list displayed.

Edit: Oops - you're on C40 which doesn't support the full compositor functions - you'd need a C60 or C90 to do that...



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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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C40 and dual display

Hi, Yolanda and Wayne.

As I know, Using a TC console software with C40 is very limited.

In this case, We need to set 2 custom layour in TC console.

One is Main Video-Big Screen/Presentation-Small Screen fixed, the other one is Presentation-Big Screen/Main Video-Small Screen.

Then it would be very user friendly thus the user can swap by using self-view/layout button.

To implement this from TC console to Codec, you may need to have C60 at least. As I said at the first, using a TC console software with C40 is limited.



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C40 and dual display

Here are some examples for you to make a custom layout.

It's much easier than you expected, you have to use at least C60 though..

After you apply it to a codec, the users would be able to swap two display by pressing self-view button. It is not actually swapping but changing 2 custom layout that you already set. Also you should think of non-presentation mode, conferencing with more than 2 participants.

Hope this can help you a lot.



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