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New Member

C40 - Dont work OSD (on screen display)

Hello, I am with the following problem:

The menu of the camera via the control is not working, it appears on screen but it is not possible to control.

I am using the DVI output-2 and change:

  • MainVideoSource : 2

Software version:


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C40 - Dont work OSD (on screen display)


First you need to check if the IR is enabled :

*c xConfiguration Cameras Camera 1 IrSensor: On

*c xConfiguration SystemUnit IrSensor: Auto

The Codec IR should be set to Auto. Secondly you need to make sure that there is no Touch Panel attached with the unit which would disable the OSD and you will not be able to use the remote control.

Also, you should give a try with a different remote control. The MainVideoSource which you have mentioned is used for video and not for control. Hence, it would not affect the OSD. For OSD, you need to just check whether the OSD is activated on DVI or HDMI. I guess as per your description, it is on DVI.

Hope this helps,


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar
New Member

C40 - Dont work OSD (on screen display)


I Check the IR and is enable.

I try with different remote control, I can't move the menu for controlling, the rotation of the camera i can.

Yes, OSD is activated on DVI.


C40 - Dont work OSD (on screen display)

Did you try to reboot the endpoint? Is the camera contol cable properly connected? Plese check the cable and the ports where it is connected.

The camera has to be connected via hdmi and to the lower serial port (both marked orange)

Does a xstat // camera (via admin login to the endpoint) show that the camera is connected?

xstat // camera

*s Camera 1 Connected: True

If you point the IR to the endpoint does it react then?

An other thing I had seen before, if you have a screen with overscan you might not see

that the softkeys are active as you do not see the complete screen.

As you mention a video source 2, do you have multiple cameras connected?

In general I would recommend a software upgrade, but I would investigate the IR issue first.

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New Member

C40 - Dont work OSD (on screen display)

Hi Martin,

I try reboot without sucess,

Yes, is the camera control cable is properly connected, i checked tks

xstat // camera

*s Camera 1 Connected: True

*s Camera 1 HardwareID: "51000000"

*s Camera 1 Manufacturer: "TANDBERG"

*s Camera 1 Model: "PrecisionHD 1080p 4X"

*s Camera 1 SoftwareID: "S01718-4.0FINAL [ID:40076] 2012-05-16"

*s Camera 1 SerialNumber: "B1AB41D00370"

*s Camera 1 IpAddress: ""

*s Camera 1 MacAddress: ""

*s Camera 1 Position Pan: 400

*s Camera 1 Position Tilt: 192

*s Camera 1 Position Zoom: 0

*s Camera 1 Position Focus: 4573

*s Camera 1 Capabilities Options: "ptzf"

*s Camera 1 Flip: "On"

*s Camera 2 Connected: False

*s Camera 2 HardwareID: ""

*s Camera 2 Manufacturer: ""

*s Camera 2 Model: ""

*s Camera 2 SoftwareID: ""

*s Camera 2 SerialNumber: ""

*s Camera 2 IpAddress: ""

*s Camera 2 MacAddress: ""

*s Camera 2 Position Pan: 0

*s Camera 2 Position Tilt: 0

*s Camera 2 Position Zoom: 16

*s Camera 2 Position Focus: 4000

*s Camera 2 Capabilities Options: ""

*s Camera 2 Flip: "Off"

*s Camera 3 Connected: False

*s Camera 3 HardwareID: ""

*s Camera 3 Manufacturer: ""

*s Camera 3 Model: ""

*s Camera 3 SoftwareID: ""

*s Camera 3 SerialNumber: ""

*s Camera 3 IpAddress: ""

*s Camera 3 MacAddress: ""

*s Camera 3 Position Pan: 0

*s Camera 3 Position Tilt: 0

*s Camera 3 Position Zoom: 16

*s Camera 3 Position Focus: 4000

*s Camera 3 Capabilities Options: ""

*s Camera 3 Flip: "Off"

*s Camera 4 Connected: False

*s Camera 4 HardwareID: ""

*s Camera 4 Manufacturer: ""

*s Camera 4 Model: ""

*s Camera 4 SoftwareID: ""

*s Camera 4 SerialNumber: ""

*s Camera 4 IpAddress: ""

*s Camera 4 MacAddress: ""

*s Camera 4 Position Pan: 0

*s Camera 4 Position Tilt: 0

*s Camera 4 Position Zoom: 16

*s Camera 4 Position Focus: 4000

*s Camera 4 Capabilities Options: ""

*s Camera 4 Flip: "Off"

*s Camera 5 Connected: False

*s Camera 5 HardwareID: ""

*s Camera 5 Manufacturer: ""

*s Camera 5 Model: ""

*s Camera 5 SoftwareID: ""

*s Camera 5 SerialNumber: ""

*s Camera 5 IpAddress: ""

*s Camera 5 MacAddress: ""

*s Camera 5 Position Pan: 0

*s Camera 5 Position Tilt: 0

*s Camera 5 Position Zoom: 16

*s Camera 5 Position Focus: 4000

*s Camera 5 Capabilities Options: ""

*s Camera 5 Flip: "Off"

*s Camera 6 Connected: False

*s Camera 6 HardwareID: ""

*s Camera 6 Manufacturer: ""

*s Camera 6 Model: ""

*s Camera 6 SoftwareID: ""

*s Camera 6 SerialNumber: ""

*s Camera 6 IpAddress: ""

*s Camera 6 MacAddress: ""

*s Camera 6 Position Pan: 0

*s Camera 6 Position Tilt: 0

*s Camera 6 Position Zoom: 16

*s Camera 6 Position Focus: 4000

*s Camera 6 Capabilities Options: ""

*s Camera 6 Flip: "Off"

*s Camera 7 Connected: False

*s Camera 7 HardwareID: ""

*s Camera 7 Manufacturer: ""

*s Camera 7 Model: ""

*s Camera 7 SoftwareID: ""

*s Camera 7 SerialNumber: ""

*s Camera 7 IpAddress: ""

*s Camera 7 MacAddress: ""

*s Camera 7 Position Pan: 0

*s Camera 7 Position Tilt: 0

*s Camera 7 Position Zoom: 16

*s Camera 7 Position Focus: 4000

*s Camera 7 Capabilities Options: ""

*s Camera 7 Flip: "Off"

** end

The IR is OK beacause i can controll the rotation of the camera.

Yes, i have 2 cameras connected, but i'm having trouble and I'm checking licenses.

Now i upgrade for the last release, 5.1.3.


C40 - Dont work OSD (on screen display)

The camera itsefl has a IR detector and does action if not controled by an endpoint.

So if you have the camera and just connect it to power (and the hdmi cable) you will

be able to remote control PTZ.

How did you connect the second camera? You have to use the daisychain cable from the  first camera to the second one, it is not possible to use the second serial port on the codec for that.

What type is your second camera?

If I see it right you use the 4x PHD 1080 camera as camera 1, this will not work!

You can only use one 4x and it must be the last in the daisy chain.

The first (and in between chained) need to be 1080p 12x cams.

Please also see:

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