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C40 HDMI Presentation not showing up on during Live Event in SnS


Current Scenario:

C40 Codec

HDM1 = Display

HDMI2= HDMI from Laptop Adapter

TCS is configured to off load recorded content to Show and Share where it is then re-transcoded by the MXE 3500.  


During a Live Event in SnS we are selecting the PC presentation source 2 configured as HDMI but we are not seeing the presentation show up on the live event at all.



 I found this error message in my TCS and some of my content has not been properly finishing the transcode in TCS.

Warning: Decoding video, Decoder reported error [call_id = 1, error_message = FAILURE to decode packet] - Sending FPU request

There is no online documentation that supports reading these TCS logs and I really do this needs to change.


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Do you see the content

Is it only with certain recordings, do any others where you have displayed content to the TCS work?

Is the call between the endpoint and the TCS point-to-point or through a conference bridge such as an MCU or TelePresence Server?

You can upload the most recent Content Engine log that has one of these recordings, and I can try to take a look, just make note of the endpoint address and TCS alias dialed.  Though I'm not good at reading them myself, so can't promise anything.

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 Thank You Patrick!I suspect


Thank You Patrick!

I suspect this to be and issue with iirc, in regards to the configuration on either the recording alias or recording alias template (probably the latter).  Joined 16:9 forced is the best option.

Currently there is no MCU in play or video call routing infrastructure, we have just p2p calls from a single endpoint on the network into the default recording alias on the TCS.  I will post if the Joined 16:9 forced configuration change does the trick.

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Our C40, software version TC5

Our C40, software version TC5.1.5.297625, frequently goes offline with no web or serial connection. I have to remotely reboot the power using an Extron PC1. Two minutes later, it is up and running again. Happens several times a day. Could it be overheating? This unit is 37 miles away so the remote AC reboot is handy as an out-of-band solution but what's causing the problem?

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A number of the older

A number of the older versions of TC software on had a bug where if the network connectivity was lost for a short period, they stopped communicating properly.  From memory, this was fixed in TC6.3.2.  With the newer versions of software you can see the temperature on the Web Interface easily too, so you can see if this is contributing to your issue.

Is there any specific reason you're running a really old version (TC5.1.5) on your device and not one of the more recent versions?  The latest release is TC7.2.

If the reason you have't upgraded is that you don't have an active service contact to enable you to get the newer version, you can contact the TAC, and reference the latest security advisory ( to get a "free" upgrade to TC7.x as per the "customers without service contracts" section.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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Just did a test, with a C40

Just did a test, with a C40 and TCS connected through an MCU.

If your TCS is receiving presentation content, you should see something like the following in your content engine logs:

1949    2014-08-07T01:27:43-04:00    Info: Processing H.239 message [call_id = 1] - Accepted presentation token request

1950    2014-08-07T01:27:43-04:00    Info: Starting decoder [call_id = 1, conference_id = D598C670-FC83-4AFB-B8C3-1B289A54C1F8, direction = incoming, log_tag = 24, protocol = H323, speed = 768, bitrate_kbps = 768, channel = presentation, payload_type = H.264]

If your TCS isn't accepting the presentation stream, then these two lines won't show up in your logs at all.  Just need more detailed information of how you're making the calls.  If using a conference bridge, what are the content channel settings, as well as if the TCS has the premium resolution option key.

I've seen in the past an MCU would be set to use H.264 for the content channel, but the TCS didn't have the PRO key, in turn it didn't support H.264 and the MCU wouldn't sent content to it.

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