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C90 only making audio calls

Hello ,


I just purchased and setup two C90s . Calling to other endpoints or inside my network between these two I only get an audio call. I have gone over everything 100 times and I just cant seem to find the issue. I have used the C series codecs for years and have not seen anything like this before. It will not push a presentation either.



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What is the bandwidth the

What is the bandwidth the codec is trying to use to make the call with, is the other codec trying to use a lower call rate or a VCS in the mix that might be limiting the bandwidth?  I assume when you're trying to call the other C90, that there is no other active call, forcing any additional call to use the audio only port.  If the codec is only making an audio only call, you won't be able to send presentation.

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Thanks for the response !! I

Thanks for the response !!


I have put these two all by themselves on a small network and am trying back and forth between the two with no other influence . Yes , they are acting just like a unit without multisite that is already in an active call.

They are both set to 4 meg and they are the only devices on that network. There is one caveat and I havnt mentioned it because I have done it a thousand times and it never mattered . I am not using the Cisco camera with camera control and I do have the error for no camera attached.

I have seen this tons of times in the past and it didnt matter at all. I usually hook a high end camera into the HD/SDI input for what I use these for.

These are older "Tanberg" branded codecs tho and I am wondering if it puts the units into a state where they cant make a video call ? I looked for some API command to disable such a thing if it existed and found nothing. Im dying here.

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Just read through some other

Just read through some other stuff on here and I am wondering that not having a regular camera hooked up and running that update that it does may be causing this ?

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We run serveral C series

We run serveral C series codecs without the standard Cisco/TANDBERG camera, and use 3rd party cameras instead with no issue.

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Are yours saying "No camera

Are yours saying "No camera attached" ?

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Yes, whenever we use our

Yes, whenever we use our cameras instead, the codec will report a "no camera attached" error, this is because the codec is looking for a camera connected to the camera control port.

What settings do you have configured for H323 and default protocol and call rate conference settings?



I noticed your other discussion about you using T3 codecs, converting-tandberg-t3-lr-units-over-stand-alone-operation, this is probably the cause of your audio only calls.  Though I've never touched a T3 system before, so I can't really for sure say.

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Indeed , I have gone over and

Indeed , I have gone over and over the settings and this can be the only reason. I thought there used to be a way to pull the keys out of the system or back them up. Back on one of the old revs.

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When I give it the api

When I give it the api command to switch from an audio call to a video call its errors and says h323 not supported . I have incoming video to both units no problem. 


Also , would like to mention that in the web interface with snap shots enabled I do see my self view. So the port sees the camera and it has incoming video.


Just opened a call with Cisco on the software end to make sure the licensing is up to snuff.

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