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Call automatically disconnected from mcu 5310

Hi Team,

when we are creating bridge in MCU 5310 and add the participant for India and u.k location.what happen when we add U.k location endpoint automatically disconnect Exactly after 15 minute.

U.k endpoint Sx-20 as well MCU 5310 is Registered to India gatekeeper we are facing this issue only for u.k location endpoint.

As per client u.k network is in different segment and running in MPLS network and they have not deployed any firewalls.

When i checked in MCU when call disconnect Exactly after 15 Minute we are getting timeout error.My question what are the parameters i need to check in network as well in checkpoint.Is it we need to upgrade the firmware for SX-20 device currently its running on TC 6.0.

Very much Appreciated if i will get the quick reply on my query.



Robin Chibber











First of all upgrading your

First of all upgrading your software to the latest is often a good idea.


That said, I would not expect this to fix this (but possibly many other issues).


To be honest, I heard the "we do not have a firewall" so often, but most of the time on such kind of problem, there is a firewall, nat router, ALG or something else messing with the signaling.

Please tripple check, that would be my best guess :-p


If you could tell us a bit more about the network, video deployment and the call flow.

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Thanks Martin for Replying.I

Thanks Martin for Replying.

I am also Suspecting the issue with firewall.Port the enabled for call signaling in Firewall shutdown the connection after some particular time interval .

Moreover,I will check with client and give you more details about network and video infrastructure.and also try to upgrade the firmware for SX-20 Endpoint and see the result.


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