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Calls between TANDBERG and Cisco SX encryption


I work on an environment that has some strict requirements on security reasons.

Therefore they want to enable full encryption of the video calling to, now this seems to work if we call from a Cisco Endpoint (SX) to another Cisco Endpoint.

I can check the logs on the VCS-Control and it shows that encryption is AES.

When i call from a Cisco endpoint to a TANDBERG endpoint it will not encrypt the call, the encryption is set to Auto. If i set the encryption to ON, the call will not work. They will receive an error message that the encryption cannot be setup and the call fails.

Is there a big difference between encryption types of the Cisco SX models and Tandberg models? Maybe they don't have full support.

How does this model work when u have the endpoints registering to a VCS-Control server? The SIP signaling is over TLS 5061, but the actual media is not encrypted, but the media stream is decided between the endpoints right?


Cisco SX20 and SX80

Tandberg Edge 95MXP

Tandberg Codec 6000MXP

Tandberg EX60

Tandberg 1700MXP

Tandberg Profile 42 C60

Tandberg Codec C90

VIP Purple

If they're all running

If they're all running relatively up to date software releases, then they should all support AES-128 encryption.

Is the Encryption Mode set correctly on the Tandberg devices, or is it set to the old DES (56 bit) setting?

Are you doing native SIP calling between all the devices, or is there some SIP->H.323 interworking happening for the older devices?

Do all your devices have a NTP server configured so they all have the correct time? - this can sometimes affect the ability for the encryption to work if they do not.

Note: I have moved your discussion in to the TelePresence section of the forums where these devices are more actively discussed than in the Video Over IP section you originally posted in to get visibility by more people familiar with these devices.

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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