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Can not connect SX10 to monitor

Hi, i try to connect my SX10 to my samsung monitor. But the monitor don't have HDMI port, so i use a VGA to HDMI converter to connect them.

SX10-->HDMI port on the converter---->VGA port on the converter-->VGA port on the samsung monitor

But i get nothing on the samsung monitor, and why the SX10 power button keeps shaded off ?

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Hi Jimmy,VGA is only for

Hi Jimmy,

VGA is only for analog video connection.

HDMI is only digital interface.

DVI supports both analog and digital video types of connections.

Try to find out DVI monitor and buy HDMI to DVI converter (3-5 $). Best i've tested in my lab is ViewSonic VP950b (same with Viewsonic VP191b). So the end of a HDMI cable will get male of HDMI-DVI connector and male of DVI will connect input DVI interface of a DVI monitor.


No fortune with Acer etc.

P.S. Please, look over pics.





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Hi Andriy,Thanks for your

Hi Andriy,

Thanks for your advise.

At the DVI end, can i use a DVI to VGA cable?

SX10-->HDMI port on the converter---->VGA port on the converter-->DVI port on the samsung monitor

My monitor have DVI interface of type D single/Dual link

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No bro,In your case you got

No bro,

In your case you got DVI D single/Dual link, means you are able only convert digital to digital.

In my case connector has DVI D Dual Link. So the same as your situation.

Please, drop away the idea of VGA converters with that task. Cisco HDMI interface is digital by default.

I live in Ukraine, Kiev and we have radio market that has lots of connectors. So you can buy it for sure in your region. And as i told i got luck only with pro monitor Viewsonic.





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