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New Member

Can you cluster an 8710 with a virtualized telepresence server


Thanks ahead of time. I've read you can cluster an 8710 with other different hardware as long as it's the same software rev. Is this the same with clustering an 8710 with a VMware hosted Telepresence instance?

We already have 24 video ports (12 screen licenses) on an 8710 converted blade. I'm looking to spec out what it would take to bring our MCU buildout to 48 video ports total in addition to the 24 we already have with the additional 24 being virtually hosted.


Is it worth it cost wise to go Virtual to build that out vs buying another 8710 blade for I think around 60K? We don't have call manager or conductor yet and I know we'd have to get those as well if we went virtual for the additional video ports.



VIP Green

If I'm reading Table 9 in the

If I'm reading Table 9 in the TelePresence Server Data Sheet correcty, if you're using appliances in a Cluster rather than blades, the maximum you can have is 20 Screen Licences - which would only give you give 40x 720p30 ports, not the 48 you're after.  You can only get the full 48 by using a four blade cluster.

It does not appear that you can cluster the blades with the appliances.

As for the "cost wise" discussion, you're best to have this with your reseller/distributor as different people in different places wil get different pricing.  Ie, my pricing in Australia will likely be different to what's available for someone in the USA, and likely different again for EMEA and other parts of the world.  Different suppliers will also get dfifferent pricing from Cisco depending on their purchase quantities, and may also be able to push for different levels of discount for special projects.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
Cisco Employee

Hi Douglas,As far as I know

Hi Douglas,

As far as I know Virtual TPS does not support clustering at this time. Currently to meet your requirements of 24 screen licenses on the same device you would need another 8710 in the same chassis to cluster to.

Another option is clustering two TPS 320 devices, but the max screen licenses at this time would be 20 (10+10). 

Virtual TPS at the current time only supports 6 Screen Licenses and like Media TPS 310/320 requires Conductor.

- Jonathan



VIP Purple

To my knowledge you can only

To my knowledge you can only cluster an MSE blade with another MSE blade.  Cluster is supported only with the same type of server as the other.

Yes, like the others said,

Yes, like the others said, clustering is not possible in between technologies by today.


The clustering is done on the back plane. In the MSE8000 you could cluster up to 4 blades.


But what exactly do you need, one conference with 60 participants and with what kind

of resolution or even audio only?


If I see it right with X2.2 cascaing of TPS conferences is still not supported. So if you need

bigger conferences and want to use Cisco I would recomend the clusters of MCU (8510) and the conductor.


You should think about filing a feature request for Virtual TPS Clustering and / or cascading support via conductor.


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