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New Member

Cannot pair touch panel on C20

Hello all!

I am trying to pair touch panel with C20 codec (TCNC4.2.0.260857).

On first boot, panel sucessfully downloaded sowtware from codec and rebooted.

Next, after selecting codec from list (or manually), there is user and password request.

I have been tried to enter "admin" and password of web interface, root password and menu password. "" and all of this passwords, I have been tried to reset all of this passwords and type just "admin" as username, or type nothing - this is not worked.

I keep getting "Wrong username or password error".

I'll be grateful for any ideas!

Cisco Employee

Cannot pair touch panel on C20


You are using TCNC software which is the non-encrypted version.  When the intouch is connected over LAN, it is communicating with the codec via SSH, as such the non-encryted software version will not support the pairing.

As such you have to use the encrypted software version whcih is TC4.x (latest release is TC4.2.2).

But of course your country has to allow the use of encrypted software as some countries do not allow this.


New Member

Re: Cannot pair touch panel on C20

Hello! Thanks for your answer!

If the problem is just with no-crypto sw version, why "pairing visibility" option is in the menu of codec?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot pair touch panel on C20


TC and TCNC software are basically the same, just that TCNC is a non-encrypted version, does not support SSH etc...

As such, you still see the pairing visibility.  Not sure if we will do anything on disabling the "pairing visibility" if the system knows it is using the TCNC version.

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