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Cascade Problem for 5300 MCUs Behind Telepresence Conductor

Hi all,

We've deployed a Multipoint Control Unit solution for a customer but we're having some problems on MCU and Conductor. Here is the scenario:

We have two 5320s stacked. So we have 40 ports on reserve. We also have two 5310s stacked. This gives us 20 more ports.

We planned to make resource management via Conductor so we've deployed the conductor with these MCUs. We'd like the MCU 5320 stack to call 5310 stack when all the ports on 5320 stack are full. During our tests, we have seen that the first 38 participants are located on 5320 stack. The 39th,  40th, 41st, 42nd participants are located on 5310 stack but they are placed on a different conference room rather than joining the first 38 participants despite we try to connect the same conference number. So, the cascading has been unsuccessful.

The Conductor and MCUs are configured as it is described on the latest version of Conductor Deployment with VCS:

Has anyone tested such a configuration before? Are there any critical points that we miss out and not mentioned on the configuration guide?



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