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New Member

Cheapest Telepresence Conferencing


Am looking the cheapest Cisco TelePresence conferencing solution. Am only interested in the multipoint switching/conferencing server itself.

Please help.

Thanks in advance. 


Cheapest Telepresence Conferencing

Well that depends on what endpoints you are using.

If you are running all C-series/EX units on software TC5 or above and /or CTS units then CTMS is the cheapest.  If you are running other, non-TIP capable endpoints then I don't know, maybe Telepresence server.

New Member

Cheapest Telepresence Conferencing

Thanks for the helpfull information.

I have opened a data sheet for CTMS and it seems to me like it doesn't support Cisco Telepresence Quick Set C 20 endpoints.

Please tell me If it is so. If so, what alternatives do we have for multipoint switching using those C 20 endpoints. I want to link 5 of them.

Cheapest Telepresence Conferencing

I think we are getting clother here, to identify your needs its:

* what kind of endpoints do you want to use

* how are they connected

* how many endpoints

* how many endpoints at the same time in the conference

* centralized or decantralized

* which quality do you need (sd, hd, full hd).

* Continuous presence vs. switching

* ...

Some endpoints have an integrated MCU (Cisco name: Multisite),

the C20 is not one of them. Example: if you only have meetings towards the main office

you could place one C40/C60/C90 there, they can handle up to 3 external video

endpoints in a call.

If you have a more flexible, centralized or scaleble way a dedicated MCU is what

you should look into. I think the 4203 is the smallest:

You can handle these endpoints together with the MCU, but depending on how you want

to use it a VCS infrastructure in addition might make sense as well.

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New Member

Re: Cheapest Telepresence Conferencing


I want to link 5 standard definition Telepresnce sites. Each endpoint should be able to call the other. Main office should be able to initiate multisite meetings, they are the only ones who need the multisite feature.

I am registering my 5 endpoints to CUCM (is CUCM registration necessary?). From what you have given me above I can deploy a C40 endpoint at the main office and 4 C20 endpoints at the branch offices.


(1). In the C40 datasheet they say

      ● 4-way SIP/H.323 MultiSite. Resolution up to w576p30

      Does this mean all the 4 C20 endpoints can be in the same meeting with the main office by using this functionality in the C40?

(2). Can I use EX 90 at the main office since it also has the multisite feature?

(3). Does the C40 endpoint come with the PresicionHD camera or its purchased separately? I configured the endpoint and it passed DCT verification but I         did not see the camera listed as I would if I had configured a C20 endpoint.

I look forward to helpful information.

Cheapest Telepresence Conferencing

0) if you have an internal network with transparent ip connectivity you can run the systems just on h323 and direct ip connectivity. This should also work with multisite, but I have not tested that, so maybe you should check on that.

0b) the codian MCUs have small gatekeeper which can handle the h323 calls

0c) CUCM is not necessary, not sure if the MCU would be supported, the endpoint support is getting better

and better for each version.

0c2) often you might end up in a stable CUCM for telephony which might run an older version, but you know

everything works for you and an addtional one to handle video which is the most up to date one, ...

At least CUCM will become more and more important, though a VCS also would work fine for you here.

1) The C Series has 3+1=4, means 3 external + the system itself, so it would not match your requirement

regarding 5 systems in a call, it can only handle 4 including itself = 3 external.

1b) this is why I suggested a small MCU, then you can have up to 6 participants

2) Yes, the EX90 with the multisite (has to be purchased in addition) option would even to 720p.

If you think of multisite, always think of that if you only have one system this ALWAYS have to

host this meeting, thats not always doable / suitable. Also the additional calls have to be added

manually as auto answer only connects the first call. An other clear advantage for the MCU.

3) yes and no, you will get it alone and as an integrator packages, just did not have the price list in

front of me.

I would suggest you look into the 4xxx MCUs and check out he CTMS, but I would prefer continuous

presence with the codian mcus :-)

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New Member

Cheapest Telepresence Conferencing

Hello Community!

Say we have 3 sites - A, B & C. Site A is the main site and is using a Codec C40 system with the multisite option, sites B and C are the branch offices using C20 endpoints each. Site A initites a multisite video call with all the 3 sites included.

Question is:

Will each one of the sites be able to see every other OR A is the only site that can see both the other 2 participants since its the only one with a system that supports multipoint conferencing?

Also highlight what would happen if site A were using the following systems with multisite functionality: EX-90, Edge 95 MXP e.t.c. while sites B & C and were using the same C20 endpoints.

I look forward to your helpful information.

Cheapest Telepresence Conferencing

Best would be to get a demo.

Just picture multisite as the capability of an endpoint to compose multiple video signals in one.

The C-Series transcodes the stream for each participant and puts both images side by side with

a back bar on top: A sees B&C, B sees A&C and C sees B&C.

Yes, you are right, in such a call the A endpoint needs to be in the call, but it does not matter

if he gets dialed up or dials out or has a combination of both, but from the second call there is

no capability of auto answering so he must be present.

If I remember it correct the EX90 has 720p multisite and the C40 w576, but its completely different systems

so if you want to have it as a personal system the Ex90 is great, if you need it in a meeting room with

fixed cabling, PTZ camera, integration, ... you should go with the C40, C60 or a C90.

MXP is more like the legacy series and I would not go with it, especially if you plan on using multisite

as this is not good, low resolution, shared video image (you see your self and everyone gets not very good quality), ...

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