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Cisco 4220 MCU maximum participants


I  have a Cisco 4220 MCU. I know that it has 40 video ports, but I want to know if I can have more than 20  participants in a conference without having to cascade 2 conferences.

I  checked it, but only the first 20 participants are connected with a  video call. The remaining participants are connected as voice call.

Cisco Employee

Cisco 4220 MCU maximum participants

Are you sure you have 4220 MCU as 4220 MCU support up to 40 video connection and 40 audio connection.

Other possibility do you have any parameter in “Video ports to reserve” in conference configuration with enabling “Media port reservation”?

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Cisco 4220 MCU maximum participants

"Media Port reservation" is disabled. I also checked "Status>General" menu again, and the unit is 4220.

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Re: Cisco 4220 MCU maximum participants

Hi Payam,

What is the serial number of the device, i can check it in the CSCC for you.

What can you see on the following tabs in your WebGUI -

Status / Conferences -

Video ports in use

Audio-only ports in use

In the conference you have created have you configured either of the following also?

Maximum video participants

Maximum audio-only participants

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Cisco 4220 MCU maximum participants

Hi Nathan,

The unit is 4220.

"Video ports in  use" is 34/40, and "Audio-only ports in use" is 0. We selected  a CP  layout with 20 windows, and we can only see video from the first 20  sites. If one site which is not in the layout, starts speaking, we only  hear them, and will not see them. But they receive video from MCU. The  main problem is video switching between the sites (the sites which are  not in the selected CP layout). We also set the "Video switching sensitivity" to 80.

By the way, I did not found Settings>Media ports menu.

New Member

Cisco 4220 MCU maximum participants

If you have a 5x4 layout on the MCU (20 sites in CP), then only one of the CP panes will be voice switched between the active speaker - I beleive this to be the top left pane. The rest will stay static.

If you click on one of the participants that isn't able to see that active speaker of the conference in the MCU's web interface, and look under the 'display' tab, what is the layout set to? Is it one of the 'Family' layouts, or participant / conference custom layout? What is the 'Focused participant' set to on the right hand side of this page? Is it 'Voice-switched' or something else?

Are any of the participants in the conference set to be 'important'? Check especially the participant in the top left pane of the layout.

Additionally, if you look at the conference page of the web interface, do you see preview images of the video received from the partivcipants you can't see? Do the stats show that the MCU is receiving a sensible codec and resolution from this participant?

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Cisco 4220 MCU maximum participants

Thank you very much for your email.

I should check these on our next meeting, and I will update.

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