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Cisco C40 random reboot

I was just running a preventative maintenance execrise on my Cisco C40 unit and it randomly rebooted itself.  This happened once before, some time ago -- same unit I think.  Luckily we were not in a call and no meetings were interrupted, but I'm curious if this behaivior has any precendent?  Is there a chain of events that tends to lead to this action?



Cisco C40 random reboot

Please always mention which software version you run and how the system is deployed

and if there is anything special in the network.

In general it is not expected for a system to reboot itself. Also with newer software versions

I would in most cases not expect that as it should go into maintenance mode.

You can always check in the bug toolkit if you find any notes which could cause a reboot.

I would start with using a recent software version. TC6.3 seems to be more stable to ma than. TC7.0.2

If the problem remains try to limit issues, like disconnect the network and other connected components

to see if it still happens.

If you have a service contract think about opening a TAC case for it.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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