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cisco jabber and mps and presentation

Hi guys,

wondering if one might be able to help, i was in a conference call today using free movi into a mps and was unable to recieve and share presentation. I could see locally that i was clearly sending it. Other participants were reporting the same behaviour. Mps is running latest software revision and dual video stream was on. Tried with polycom m100 and no problem.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.


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cisco jabber and mps and presentation

Do you know if the MPS is registered to VCS or if the MPS has SIP enabled ?

Im assuming m100 is H323 and Free Jabber is sip only with no intworking so it may have somethign to with either native BFCP support in a point to point SIP call between Jabber and the MPS or soem thing to do with interwoking from Jabber to

MPS H323 confernce via the VCS the MPS is registered to

It appears Free Jabber is not using VCS as the proxy or they have chosen not to enable inteworking within the clould. I suspect its the former.

cisco jabber and mps and presentation

For me h323 interworking works, but you can only reach JabberVideo on a URI

and you can also only dial out to SRV records and not to A-Records or H323 IPs

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Re: cisco jabber and mps and presentation

I believe it'll only work if there are no SIP SRV records in place as it'll first look for these, then if none, it'll look for h.323 SRV records.

I haven't tried free JV with our MPS800, but I did have some issues with enterprise version back around version 4.0 or so where it would actually crash the whole bridge if it was connected at higher than 768kbps and initiated a presentation.

As it turns out, that was a known issue, and I suspect it has long since been fixed, but we're using a Codian 4520 for the vast majority of our multisite calls these days, so I haven't bothered to check.

In any case, SIP was enabled on the MPS.


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