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Cisco Jabber (MOVI) with TMS and VCS-Expressway only

Is it possible to deploy Cisco Jabber Video (MOVI) if the customer only has TMS and a VCS-Expressway?  They are willing to purchase options, but do not want to purchase any additional hardware.

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This can be done, you just

This can be done, you just need to install TMSPE (Provisioning Extension) on the TMS server for provisioning Jabber Video.  Regarding required options, you will need provisioning licenses (LIC-MOVI-##) installed on the TMS server, and the provisioning option key (LIC-VCS-DEVPROV) on the Expressway.

Also, just so you know, Jabber Video is soon to be end of sale next year, that announcement is here.

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Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

VIP Purple

Just to clarify what I posted

Just to clarify what I posted above.

LIC-VCS-DEVPROV is a $0 item, so there will be no cost there.

TMSPE is a free download.

The only cost you'll see will come from the LIC-MOVI-## licenses, where ## is the number of licenses you'd need.  The amounts are listed on the TMSPE data sheet I linked to earlier (25, 100, 500, and 2000).  The number of provisioning licenses acts like a pool, so if a single Jabber Video user logs it, they will take 1 license, when they logout it returns that license back to the pool.  Licenses are only used as long as someone is signed in.

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