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Cisco Licensing Site

Morning All

I have a question regarding the Cisco Licensing Site….

Before when using the Tandberg Site to lookup release keys, option keys and service contracts you could only access the information on systems that were registered under your company.

However on the Cisco licensing site I can lookup information on any VC system or infrastructure product no matter who it is registered to.

Is this access based on my Cisco Access Level or just how the Cisco licensing site works?

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Cisco Licensing Site

Hi Haydn,

i would say if you have the device details i.e. serial number or Mac address, you would be able to see the details which were originally shipped , or you can generate new release keys.

As far as i know this works on the basis of your cisco id and the level would be till the time the device is in contract you can generate new reklease keys.

it dont think there would be an access level for every user , in terms of accessiing the provided data , till the time he have the minimum information (sn ; mac)




Cisco Licensing Site

Hi Haydn,

just to Add , i would say you would be only able to view the devices that are registered or aligned with your  Cisco ID

,you just cannot view any given serial number details, of any other customer.

Hope that answers your query.


Ravi Kr.

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Cisco Licensing Site

Well when i tested i can do lookups on any units serial number even if not registered or aligned with my Cisco ID.

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