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New Member

Cisco MX300 with TCS - Standalone

hi all,

I have a single unit of MX300 in an office, to do external h323/sip video calls.

My customer has now also include a unit of TCS for recording.

I would like to know how i should deploy both units interms of design.


The MX300 has always been placed on a public IP. For direct dialing

There is no CUCM or VCS involved.

How should i configure the TCS to do video recording session involving the MX300 and external parties



VIP Purple

You'd have to configure the

You'd have to configure the MX300 as a standalone H323 system, this can be done by configuring the following on the endpoint from either the web interface, remote, or SSH.

Configuration > H323 > CallSetup Mode > Direct

And one or both of the following:

Configuration > H323 > H323Alias > E164

Configuration > H323 > H323Alias > ID

If you plan on allowing external endpoints outside of your network to be able to connect to you, you'll need to do additional configuration on the the endpoint as well as your firewall.

Regarding using a standalone TCS, the preferred method is using a call control server such as VCS, without the use of a VCS, you'll only be able to make 1 recording at a time using the default recording alias and template, so you're really limited and not able to use the TCS to it's full recording potential.  If you had a VCS,  you could record up to the maximum connections the server can establish for recordings, either 5 or 10 ports depending on which one you purchased.The endpoint would simple dial the TCS IP address, which will use the default recording alias and template.

Just out of curiosirty I

Just out of curiosirty I tried it out, using a SIP alias which failed to register,

I simply placed a SIP call to that specific alias and I got through to the right recording template.

Also using a registrar / proxy like opensips should work.


That said, if you did not understand what I just said, I will not explain it further.

long story short: you should use a VCS.


Regards the recording, is it a MX300 G1 or G2? The G1 does not have any built in

multiparty capabilities. That means, yes, you can record what is behind the camera

of that MX300 (single call fro the MX300 G1 to the TCS). But you could not record

a video conference.

You need  something in the call which supports multipary conferencing, either an

endpoint (though that might reduce the call quality), or a MCU / TPS.


As it seems to require some additional info, I would recommended that you talk to your

Cisco Contact / Partner to go one step back, check whats needed and see how it should be implemented.

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New Member

Hi Martin, thanks alot for

Hi Martin, thanks alot for your info.

The MX300 is the new G2.

Due to the nature of the customer's business, there is no plan to register to a SIP proxy/registra.

They mostly just do h323 direct public ip to ip dialing to external parties.

Am i safe to say that, to get this working, ill assign public ip to both MX300 and TCS. And everyone dials to the TCS ip address



New Member

Hi Patrick, Thanks for your

Hi Patrick, Thanks for your info!

Yes, we understand the ideal method is using a VCS or CUCM, then again due to budget constrains this 2 items are the only box that we can work with.

So ultimately to get this running as simple as possible:-

Id assign a public ip for the MX300 and another public ip for the TCS.

So every call party will just dial the TCS IP address.

Is that correct?


VIP Purple

Correct, there is a default

Correct, there is a default recording alias that is used when no alias is specified, this will be used when calling the TCS IP.  There were some older discussions on using the TCS as a standalone server here in the forums, but I couldn't find them though.

As Martin pointed out, without a multisite license on the MX300 to allow for it to host multiple participants connected to it at one time, you'll only be able to connect to a single site, ie: the TCS.

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