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Cisco sx80 Layouts and Displays configuration

Hello everyone

I am installing a sx80 cisco telepresence, it has 3 dispays, two connected to HDMi ports and one conneceted to DVI port.  I have a question in order to know if we have some way for modify a layout, there are 5 or 6 layouts by default, but Can we modify these ones?  Other question is if there is some way for configuring a display for receiving content just when remote site send content and the others two shows selfview, when remote site is not sending, I want that 1 display shows remote site and other two displays continue shows swlfview.




You can modify the layout

You can modify the layout with the use of the TC Console software available here.

We don't actually have an SX80s but I know that the C series with dual display unit out of the box, 1 display is used for Presentation, and the other is used for Remote with Local as a PiP. We dislike this setup however, and have Local on one screen and Remote on the other, then when a Presentation is shown, this appears on the Local display, and the the Local selfview appears as a PiP on the Remote screen. I'm sure something similar could be achieved on the SX80


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