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Cisco Tandberg VCS

Hello All,

We have 10 endpoints which is register with H323 and SIP to our HQ VCS(verX6). We have another branch where they has also endpoints which are registered with another VCS. Can we create an Inter Cluster Trunk for the VCS's so that we could call each other with H323 or SIP URI?

Do you have a document on this?




Cisco Tandberg VCS


Yes, you can create a "neighbor zone" between both VCSs and then you can route calls between both sides.

To see information about that, look at the VCS Administrator Guide:

Take a look at the session "Zones and neighbors".


Paulo Souza

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Cisco Tandberg VCS

Hi Bobby, to neighbour two VCS Control both networks must be routable and no NAT on the path.

If it is a SIP to SIP or H.323 to H.323 call (not interworked), the Media goes p2p (ensure that an enpoint in headquarter call an endpoint in Branch, opening Firewalls, checking the QoS or adjusting VPN parameters on you WAN if it is the case ).



Cisco Tandberg VCS

In short:

If your network has no NAT in betwwen and you can open a wide port range in the firewall

for the video systems, you can do it directly with your two VCS-C by putting up a neighbor zone.

If you have firewalls/nat in between you need a VCS-E to build up a traversal zone in between somehow.

Both setups work fine. Especially the Admin Guide but also the other documentation:

will be quite helpful!

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