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Cisco TC software and Crestron/AMX Conflict

We are in the process of upgrading our C60 endpoints from TC5.0.2 to TC7.2.1 due to the Shellshock vulnerability. In the past when we have attempted to upgrade our endpoints to TC6.x, our Crestron Control equipment no longer functions and we lose the ability to control camera, audio, etc. We would have to rely on the Codec remote control. We then downgrade back to TC5.0.2 in order to regain conference control via the Crestron control panel. I seem to recall a TC version that addressed this issue but am unable to locate it. Is there a TC version that would allow us to maintain utilizing our Crestron Control equipment?

Patrick Sparkman suggested to "check the following setting after you upgrade to TC7.

SerialPort LoginRequired: <On/Off>

I can't find what version they did it in, but they changed it to be enabled, so because Crestron and AMX can't login with a password, you have to turn it off".

I made the change after the upgrade and all seemed to work fine, until I rebooted the endpoint and then the Crestron panel become useless again.

Would appreciate some assistance if anyone else has run into this issue.




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Looks like there might be an

Looks like there might be an issue with the latest TC7 software, someone else with your issue just posted on.


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