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Cisco TelePresence CTS-EX60 VIDEO CONFERENCING UNIT- Can I add an external camera and project to external TV screen?


We have a bunch of these units in our office. I would like to find a way to add an option to attach an external camera and project from the unit to a big TV screen to include more people in the meeting. 

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What you're looking to do isn

What you're looking to do isn't possible, the EX Series endpoints, and any endpoint for that matter, doesn't support the use of external USB cameras.  The EX Series endpoints are meant to be desktop units for use in an office for example, the far-end participants will always appear on the main screen of the unit, while the EX90 does support connecting an external monitor, it's for the use of viewing presentation content only.

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Technically the EX60 supports

Technically the EX60 supports an external camera, via the DVI port. It does not support USB cameras as you stated.

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While that is possible, you'd

While that is possible, you'd be sending the external camera using the content channel and it will not appear as if it's the main video, you'll also be sending video from the built-in camera in addition to this external camera if you do use the DVI input.

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Sorry Patrick, that's

Sorry Patrick, that's incorrect. The DVI port can be assigned to either the video or content channel. I do this all the time when needing to use an external camera with an EX60.

System Config >> Video >> MainVideoSource lets you toggle between the internal camera and DVI port for the video channel.

Cisco even lists the DVI port as a valid video channel source on their spec sheet:

PC and second-source video input


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I stand corrected, I didn't

I stand corrected, I didn't know that option was avalaible on the EX Series like it is on the larger room endpoints. 

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