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Cisco TMS MCU VCS dialling situations

Hi all,

I am using Cisco TMS vX7.2.1 with a VCS.  I have sx20 endpoints and a variety of polycom 5000 - 8000 endpoints.

when making test calls I am getting the following scenarios: (detailed in 2nd post)

All of the end points are registered with the VCS, the SX20 have SIP and H323 details, the Polycoms only have H323 details.  Every call is traceable on the VCS.  When the Cisco devices call ANY Polycom device the call appears to be answered but the call is actually answered by the MCU and setup as a conference call.


I have setup the VCS Dial Plan 'Transforms' and 'Search Rules' as advised on the cisco documentation (and attempted a few solutions myself) but can't seem to get these calls to setup properly.<BR type="_moz" mozdirty></P>

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Cisco TMS MCU VCS dialling situations

ADHOCunit calling
unit answeringCiscoPolycom
CiscoSIP <-> SIPH323 <-> SIP
PolycomSIP <-> H323
H323 <-> H323
SIP <-> H323Cisco calls MCU bridge
polycom can call established bridge
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