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Cisco TMS Provisioning and Certificates

I am working with a customer who would like to deploy EX60 across internet connections that are provisioned and monitored remotely.

They would like to have the system provisioned with SIP URI, Server, System Password and load certificates so that TLS Verify can be used to register to VCS.

I am not sure that this would be possible given that a certificate would have to be pre loaded before it would be able to communicate to VCS to get provisioning?

Also what is the best practice for TMS to then remote monitor and publish phone books to these systems? (Open 443 from TMS externally?) or can these be proxies via VCS also? I heard the VCS x8 might have a reverse proxy built in?

Could really do with some advice and clarification on this one

Thanks !

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Cisco TMS Provisioning and Certificates

If you are doing certificates with verification - the root certificates and client certificates must be pre-loaded (or done manually after the device is online). 

If you are using the TMSPE solution - the phonebooks will function through the VCS without any additional pinholing.  The phonebooks will be delivered over the SIP connection.

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