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Cisco Touch 8 on MX Product

I have a customer that has an MX200 who's touch panel 8 keeps saying "no network connection. I know that inside this "kit" is an SX20 codec. At first, I blamed my customer's network because I thought that the touch 8 was being connected thru the customer's network to get to the SX20 being that there is no second ethernet port to connect the panel directly in the codec (like with a C40). To my surprise, the Touch 8 gets connected on the same type of connector as an EX product (big block connector) behind the MX200 unit. Since there is no second ethernet port on the SX20 for touch panel pairing and it's using that big connector, I wonder how the whole thing works internally. Is there a network switch inside the MX200 to allow connections of both the SX20 and the Touch panel 8? I tried looking for documentation on this and can't seem to find anything...


Please advise. Thanks

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