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Cisco Video Conference (tandberg) with Adobe connect

Dear All,

is there's a communication way between "adobe connect" with "cisco videoconference", and how to do this.

and if you can tell me about the protocol used for adobe connect.


Omar Mahmoud

Cisco Employee

Cisco Video Conference (tandberg) with Adobe connect

Not an expert in this area at all but according to the adobe  connect features this should be possible

it's stated in the preso that integrate with existing video teleconferencing systems  supporting SIP/H.264 (Tandberg, Polycom, PictureTel, others), and bring  in-room video streams directly into web meetings


Cisco Video Conference (tandberg) with Adobe connect

Dear Cristian,

thanks for helping me, i need to know how to integrate adobe connect and Tandberg units, if you have any doc discus this, advice me how to do.


Re: Cisco Video Conference (tandberg) with Adobe connect

He already did.

In general for endpoints

* Cisco Telepresence / formerly Tandberg endpoints can register to a h323 bk/gk or sip registrar/proxy and place calls.

* a variety of codecs is supported like h.264 g.722, ...

with the vcs you have planty of integration possibilities like

* systems can register to it or

* you can define neighbor zones.

All that you will be able to find in the documentation section if the devices you have or you plan to purchase.

So in general this forum is not wrong, but maybe the wrong site of the food chain.

As Adobe already states that they can integrate they look like the perfect destination to ask our questions.

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

New Member

Re: Cisco Video Conference (tandberg) with Adobe connect


the On-Premise Adobe Connect version ships with Adobe FMG (Flash Media Gateway).

Using FMG you can connect VC units that support SIP into a Adobe Connect room. Adobe Connect provides therefor a special POD named Video-Telephony. Using that POD you can stream Audio/Video via SIP units into a conference room.

But be warned, "stream" in that context means, that you can only see and hear the content from the VC unit, but people sitting in front of the VC unit cannot see and hear connected via Adobe Connect, so its just a streaming solution.

FMG supports speeds up to 2Mbit/s video codec h.264 but only audio codec g.711, so the sound is not as good as you expect (H.239 is not supported).



Re: Cisco Video Conference (tandberg) with Adobe connect

Hi Omar

Juergen is rights. To integrate Adobe and Cisco you needs FMG and settings FMG xml files.

Adobe only support one way audio\video support. :-(

Adobe can only receive the video and audio from the device, but don’t send any stream back to the device.

Br. Oleksandr

br Oleksandr
New Member

Cisco Video Conference (tandberg) with Adobe connect

To dive a bit more deeply, somone developed two way video via FMG, so if you have actionscript skills go ahead!

And, theres a second solution from Adobe called Universal voice (works also via FMG), this enables you to communicate bidirectional via audio only between SIP VC Systems and Adobe connect.

New Member

Cisco Video Conference (tandberg) with Adobe connect

So it really looks like there is no way to do complete bi-directional VTC/Collaboration.  The desire is 'video' not voice.  If I understand the responses correctly, its basically an audio conference-call.?.?

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