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Collab Edge ignores anyconnect connection for deskphone control?


we are using Collab Edge in a hybrid deployment. Connecting to UC Services is working without any issues from the perspective of collab edge design. But I would thought when I start my anyconnect connection to my company before I start my jabber the jabber should be able to resolve the internal SRV records again and I should be able to use the deskphone control again for my vpn enabled homeoffice phone. But that doesn't happen. My deskphone control capabilties are still greyed out. When I look into the wireshark trace I can't see any SRV lookup requests for my internal UC servers, like I have seen them at the initial run of jabber with collab edge. The only request I see is for my webex clould. Does Jabber "remember" the location/ current ip settings/default gateways and it will not request SRV records before these network parameters have changed?


Is your internal UC domain

Is your internal UC domain different from your Webex domain? If that is the case, then you will have to add the VoiceServicesDomain tag in your jabber-config.xml. Also, are you able to successfully resolve_cisco-uds.._tcp. domain? If that is failing, then that will be your problem. 

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I think it's a little bit

I think it's a little bit more complicated:

I am located in my homeoffice, I am connect via Wifi to my homeoffic wlan. The default DNS Server is my router for all clients. Always when I start my anyconnect connection to my company, the company DNS Server is used as primary server for nslookup request, because the anyconnect connection is getting the highest priority in the network order list by default. With these nslookup request I can resolve the internal SRV record for cisco-uds. When I start my jabber client it “ignores” the provided DNS Server by my anyconnect and still uses default dns of my wireless Lan (my router), which for sure can’t resolve the internal DNS name, therefore it always go the collab_edge entry.

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