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ConferenceMe + NAT


In scenarios where you are unable to configure a 4500 series MCU with the firewall option key to achieve communication privately and publically, would the following be a viable alternative:

- Deploy the Cisco MCU in a DMZ

- Allocate a private DMZ IP address (Routable over the internal network)

- Configure a NAT rule for external communication

- Configure identical DNS A records both internally and externally which resolves the MCU's FQDN to the respective IP address i.e. external A record resolving against the NAT'ed public IP address and the internal A record resolving against the private DMZ address.

Upon creating a ConferenceMe enabled conference, the URL provided will have the MCU's FQDN embedded which should be resolvable externally or internally - Obviously port forwarding would need to be configured appropriately also.

Has anyone achieved this?

Thanks, Simon           

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ConferenceMe + NAT

Hi Simon!

To be honest, I would skip ConferenceMe. From what I remember conference me will not work through

nat, so not only the NAT in the DMZ but also on the remote site, like the NAT router at work or home.

I am also not a fan to expose the MCU, expecially the webinterface to the public.

Do you have a VCS? That comes handy for your MCU as well.

JabberVideo clients might be the way to go. If you do not have it yourself check for a provider who

can offer it for you or use the free Cisco jabber video service

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