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Connect two CTS 3xxx


I need your help to find a solution to this scenario.

We have 2 CTS 3xxx systems located each in a different site within a same company.

I wanted to know how to configure these two systems to communicate if the only network between the 2 sites is the Public Internet.

We have a CUCM for call control.

I was thinking about VCS Expressway but this system cannot be used with the CTS 3xxx series systems.




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Connect two CTS 3xxx


cts Packet loss( needs less than 1%), jitter(less than 10ms) /late packets are demons for the CTS. Does these things noted and taken care of so that assured bandwidht and network traffic is avilable?

Video Standards

: H.264

Audio Quality

: 64KBps Wideband Audio

Network RequirementsTarget  Warning Message    Call Terminated 
One-way Network Delay< 70 msec    < 150 msec  > 250 msec 
Peak-to-Peak Delay Variation    < 10 msec< 20 msec< 40 msec
Packet Loss< 0.05%< 0.10%> 0.20%

Bandwidth Requirements
Minimum Bandwidth Required

: 720p ~5.1MBps

Minimum Link Speed

: 720p - 15MBps

Recommended Bandwidth

: 1080p = ~ 15.4 MBps

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Re: Connect two CTS 3xxx

Thanks Vinanjun for your answer!

I noted your concerns regarding the bandwidth.

But my question was more oriented about the dial plan.

How to use SIP URI in this kind of scenario without the VCS Expressway but with the CUCM only?

Re: Connect two CTS 3xxx

Hi Fadel,

Have you thought in direction of using Cisco ASA phone poxy feature. with this i think you can register this CTS systems to CUCM.

Although i never tried this but in my view it might work.



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Re: Connect two CTS 3xxx


   CTS 3000 endpoints will not register using SIP URI (even though they use sip for signalling and registering with CUCM)as Cisco tandberg does in VCS, and  also its not provisioned to dial using sip uri's instead  users can only use numbers to reach other endpoints. Im unsure if DMVPN  can be used between sites since this is recommended for telepresence over broadband solution.

The below link show design for telepresence over broadband.



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