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Converting TANDBERG T3 LR units over for stand alone operation

Hello ,


I opened an earlier conversation about only placing audio calls on some units I have. I have since discovered that they are the left and right units from a T3 system and are licensed as such .

I would like to reconfigure these units to work as stand alone units and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with them .



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Found this discussion

Found this discussion searching the forums, t3-c90-codecs.  Looks like you might be able to do, but would need to contact Cisco to do so.

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Yes , I have the T3 LR"Option

Yes , I have the T3 LR"Option" installed . I am wondering if I can just remove that if it will just go back to normal. 


I thought you could back up all your release and option keys . 

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Just an update on this

Just an update on this.

Removing the option by itself did not work (Naturally) . I have a case open with cisco to try and remedy the situation and am hoping that just going back to regular ole C90 doesnt mean I have to buy regular licenses .

Now , if 1P005 - Product Key T3 Center
1P006 - Product Key T3 LR is the part numbers for the T3 .Does anyone know the part numbers for the "Tanberg c90" product  key ?

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You dont happen to have

You dont happen to have access to a C90 and would be nice enough to pull the TC console configuration file from and it and send to me  ?

I think most of my answers lie in comparing that file to mine.

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I don't, no.  We don't have

I don't, no.  We don't have any C90s, but others might.

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