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CTM 1.7.0 (CUCM 8.0) & Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR (2003>2007 Migration)

Hi TP People

Does anyone have any experience of CTM 1.7.0 & Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR.

We are currently running our TP mailboxes on Exchange 2003.  There is a requirement to migrate from 2003 to 2007.  For added confusion we hit some issues upgrading to 2007 last year when we were running CTM 1.5.  The issues I believe were due to Clustering of Exchange 2007.  We are now running CTM 1.7.0 & CUCM 8.0

Does anyone know if I will be OK to run CTM 1.7.0 & CUCM 8.0 with Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR?

Cisco AS have a Pre-Qualification Tool, I am also investigating how to test prior to any Exchange migration.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


John Mc

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Cisco Employee

CTM 1.7.0 (CUCM 8.0) & Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR (2003>2007 Migratio

Hi John,

I would recommend you to review the CTS-Man 1.7 admin guide found here:

You will need Exchange 2007 SP2 (supported versions are listed in the document above).

If you migrate the mailboxes to Exchange 2007, you have the option to connect using WebDAV or EWS; if you decide to go with EWS, I would consider upgrading CTS-Manager first as NTLM v2 support is only available from 1.7.2 on and 1.7.4 has some important bug fixes when using EWS.

Also keep in mind that when you would change CTS-Man to EWS, you cannot revert back to WebDAV without re-installing the server and that if you plan to migrate to Exchange 2010 in the future that WebDAV is not available anymore on Exchange 2010.

Hope this helps,


CTM 1.7.0 (CUCM 8.0) & Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR (2003>2007 Migratio

Hi Johan

Many thanks for your reply and advice.  It is a tricky area with considerable dependancies.  I am holding off this piece of work until Cisco provide an accurate TP roadmap for our Network.

Thanks again

John Mc

Cisco Employee

CTM 1.7.0 (CUCM 8.0) & Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR (2003>2007 Migratio

Hi John:

The prequalification tool can definitely help with making sure CTM can connect to Exchange and LDAP, sync and subscribe rooms, etc.  I would strongly advise making use of it; it is readily available for download on CCO under the specific CTM version you a) plan on upgrading to and/or b) that is currently installed, if using the prequalification tool for troubleshooting purposes.

Just to clarify:  NTLM v2 support can be found in CTM 1.6.3 and higher; we only started supporting NTLM v2 with session security extensions/options as found in Windows 2008 Local/Domain Security policies in CTM 1.7.2 and higher.

Additionally, Exchange 2007 SP1 has a known issue with not "stamping" the correct properties onto recurring meeting exceptions (a very simple explanation), leading to potential issues with CTS-Manager meeting booking behavior.  This issue is corrected in Exchange 2007 SP2, hence why it is required.

If you do decide to move to EWS, you need to be at CTM 1.7.4 or higher specifically to avoid known bugs in CTM meeting booking behavior relating to recurring meetings/recurring meeting exceptions.  Also, CTM 1.7.0/1 using EWS has issues with duplicate meetings being created for certain modified recurring instances, so it would be wise to move to CTM 1.7.4 with Exchange 2007 SP2 to avoid these potential issues.  If you stay with WebDAV, you shouldn't see these issues - they only occur with an EWS integration on CTS-Manager.

Thanks and HTH.  It can definitely be tricky to navigate, as you stated.