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CTMS Not showing all Booked TP Rooms

Hello All

I have run into a weird error / grey area.

I have scheduled a Meeting with 5 of our TP Units around the world and in the Meeting request only some of them have been accepted due to the different Time Zones of the delegates.

The interesting part is that those that have accepted have sent through a confirmation email , and then the CTM sends through its confirmation as well.

When I go into the CTMS and to view the scheduled meeting there is only 3 rooms in there but yet we have 4 of the 5 rooms that has accepted.

We needed to update the meeting request would that have caused any issues??

And why is the CTMS only showing 3 rooms where there was 5 rooms in the original meeting invite?

Thank you for the help on this.

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CTMS Not showing all Booked TP Rooms

Hello Warren,

First check CTS-Manager for this meeting and see if all 4 rooms that accepted the meeting are showing up in there.

If there you only see 3 rooms listed, same as you see in CTMS, than check for the remaining rooms if they are still synchronizing fine with exchange/domino. If that is ok as well, you can try accepting the meeting again from the (missing) rooms calendars.



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CTMS Not showing all Booked TP Rooms

Hi Warren:

Johan is right, check CTM and see if all of the rooms that accepted (you mention 4 or 5 rooms) are listed as booked.  CTM will only push the meeting to the CTMS as booked in its own database.  My guess is that you only have 3 rooms booked in CTM, and that the other 1 or 2 are not present in CTM.

If the rooms aren't showing up in CTM because not all of the delegates accepted the invites for the meeting, then those will have to be accepted first prior to CTM booking them into the meeting.  Once accepted a new confirmation email should be sent to the scheduler showing the additional rooms.

You state "but yet we have 4 of the 5 rooms that has accepted."  If CTM only booked 3 rooms when more than 3 accepted the meeting (the rooms sent back an "Accepted" email to the scheduler from Exchange) it may be related to an issue that we've seen before.  Check the room calendars for the others that accepted but don't appear in CTM and ensure they are showing as booked/accepted on the room calendars, and that the meetings are not showing as tentative (meaning they haven't been accepted by the rooms yet).  You can reaccept the meetings from the room calendars and see if the additional rooms are then booked in CTM.

Can you share your Exchange and CTM version?  Also, do you have tentative meeting processing enabled on CTM?

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CTMS Not showing all Booked TP Rooms

Thanx All for the info

Currently I have the CTM on 1.6.5 which will be changing in a couple days to come to the latest version. Exchange is 2010

Now that you have mentioned the fact that the other delegates havent accepted it fast enough then than the rest the CTM sent out a mail with only the 3 rooms. Yet on the meeting invite we can see 4 rooms accepted.

I currently do not have  tentative meeting processing enabled.

Would you prefer I have this selection on?

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CTMS Not showing all Booked TP Rooms

No, no need to turn on tentative meeting processing.  As an aside, once you turn it I don't believe you can turn it off, so unless there's a business need to do so, I would not turn it on for troubleshooting purposes.

Exchange 2010 isn't supported with CTM 1.6.X.  While EWS is supported, Exchange 2010 is not.  Exchange 2010 was first supported in 1.7; only 2007 EWS was supported in 1.6.

CTM 1.6 Supported versions:

CTM 1.7 Supported versions:

Knowing that, I'd wait until you upgrade CTM to 1.7.4/1.8.X and then see if meetings book correctly.  If the meetings do book correctly, and I suspect they will once you upgrade CTM, then they will reflect correctly on CTMS.

Thanks -


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