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CTS 1x00 and Tandberg Presentator


we have a lot of Tandberg 880 with Presentator Pack at our customer and they are asking if you could do a conference with a Telepresence 1x00 System and a Tandberg 880 sharing a presentation? Is there any solution for this? Is an external webex session the only way?

Thanks for any hints


Re: CTS 1x00 and Tandberg Presentator

For Video portion we can do Standard Interop, and with new CUVC 5230: HD interop, in regards the collaboration H.239 is not supported for TelePresence Collaboration nor is it currently on the roadmap. We tend to find this an old (10 years) technology, that only works on selected endpoints, and does not scale well to multipoint, or audio-only participants, or interactive meetings,

or SIP based connections. Also, our customer evaluations have found that this is rarely used because like H.323, it is not user friendly, and is inconsistent on how to do it.

A tool such as MeetingPlace or WebEx can be used to share documents among all participants in a meeting including non video participants.

TelePresence and WebEx integration is on roadmap for easy/integrated scheduling and One Button to Push meeting launch with TelePresence, Audio and data sharing.



Re: CTS 1x00 and Tandberg Presentator

If there is a Bussiness opportunity and it requires H.239 I recommend you to engage your Local Cisco account team since there have been some discussions in the past and our TSBU TME team may be the best group to help you.

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