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CTS IP Phone dropping registration

Hi All,

I had a Cisco 7975 IP Phone registered in CUCM, I edited the device pool name and region name associated with that IP phone today and since then the IP phone registration is dropping intermittently.

I tried to give it a re-start few times but no joy, any idea what could be the issue and how it can be resolved. I got the message while editing the region name that devices associated with it would need a immediate re-start and I did that but I would say it wasn't very immediate so not sure if that is something causing this issue now....

Any inputs would be highly appreciated.

Thank You.

Cisco Employee

CTS IP Phone dropping registration


Is the 7975 phone across the WAN? There might be network issues involved.

Is this the only phone having the issue? You might want to get a sniffer trace from the phone to see what causes the unregistration.



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CTS IP Phone dropping registration

At the moment, we don't have access to the codec or IP phone 'cos some further routing is requirred on our end, but we have access to CUCM and from where, I can see this phone is dropping off registrations now and then....Please note, that this device is moved from one location to the other today....and it came up after installing it to new location., this problem seems to be arised when I made changes to region name or as FE mentioned , that some local network changes were made.

I have asked FE to revert the changes tomorrow to see if that make any difference but they are confident that this is not network related and no changes were made to the phone configuration...

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