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CTS Manager 1.6 Exchange Integration error.

Hi all,

I'm running in to problem, tried my best but still cannot find out the problem, maybe this is simple for some of you, can help to guide me how to solve this problem?

What i have done:

1) Confirm 2 x CTS end point bind to Application user in CUCM, name ctsaccount

2) Exchange mail creation for ctsaccount(User mail), and 2 x (Room mail) for each CTS.

3) Verified with Exchange and pass

Room Status:

ID: 3105

Module: EA

Message: Unable to subscribe room(s) 'Meeting Roomstatus: 2'.

Thanks and Regards.

Cisco Employee

Re: CTS Manager 1.6 Exchange Integration error.


It sounds as if your Exchange test connection succeeding, but one or more rooms are failing synch and/or subscription.  Is this affecting both your rooms, or just one room?  Is this an Exchange EWS integration or WebDAV?  What version of CTS-Manager and Exchange are you running?

When you go to the Rooms page in CTS-Manager, do you see the display name of the room as assigned in LDAP, or do you see the email address?

Some things to check...

1.  Make sure you have both the IP phones on the TP units and codecs associated to your CUCM application user;

2.  Make sure the correct email address / the primary SMTP address assigned in LDAP to the room mailboxes is used under the Room Name field for the codec in CUCM;

3.  Make sure you have logged into the newly created room mailboxes using the ctsaccount you created, to ensure the ctsaccount has the proper rights to the room mailboxes (either read permissions or full access permissions - see the admin guides below for the commands needed to set up the rights);

4.  Make sure when the new mailboxes are first accessed, after being created, that you've created the rooms using US English as their default language (also make sure the ctsaccount is created using US English as the default language);

5.  Make sure at least one meeting has been scheduled on each room calendar;

6.  If you've enabled features such as Studio Recording or Interop, make certain the codecs are running a compatible CTS version for those features (1.6.X preferably).

7.  Make certain your LDAP configuration page in CTS-Manager (provided you've installed CTS-Man, and are not getting the error using the prequalification tool) contains the OU where your room mailbox AD accounts are located.

The integration guide for CTS-Manager 1.6 and Exchange can be found here:

For CTS-Manager 1.7:

Hope that helps -


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